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Our Practitioners


Anaya Alicia Nicole


Anaya shines as a native to the Sierra Nevadas, inspired by her mission in this life to be a body expert, she finds passion in all things health, wellness, and healing. As a result of many personal health challenges and injuries, Anaya began learning and consuming as much education, knowledge and certifications as possible to uncover and understand the workings of the body, amidst our modern day environments, lifestyles, and assaults. She resonates and fuses all the healing paths she has been exposed to and hopes to be a catalyst for healing, awareness and tranquility to our people and our planet. Anaya originally studied bodywork at the Sedona School of Massage where she learned a wide diversity of techniques, and continues to be inspired by exciting new modalities, infused with a heavy dose of Intuition. Her background in yoga, fitness, dance, nutrition, and detox inspires her ability to see and understand the body. Overall, connection and presence are the focus of every session. Fueled by LOVE, she welcomes everyBODY! ♥

For more information or to book with Anaya please visit:


Gabi Biase

Acupuncture/Herbal Medicine

Gabi is a licensed acupuncturist and herbalist. She has a background in bodywork/massage, biology, and health sciences that round her practice. She prioritizes the connection between form and function, as well as the mind body connection, that helps keep us well, balanced and relieved of pain. After receiving her license in 2009, she has worked in a variety of clinical settings, including community health (both allopathic and community acupuncture), private practice and worker's compensation. She has also taught classes in Nutrition, Anatomy and Public Health. She maintains private practice in Albany, Ca and Grass Valley, Ca.


She treats many conditions, including, but not limited to, pain and somatic dysfunction, women's health issues, insomnia, psycho-emotional issues, digestive problems, allergies, autoimmune and complex chronic issues. She specializes in pain and complex somatic issues, autonomic dysfunction and trauma. With pain and structural issues, she stresses the importance of body mechanics, posture, strengthening, stretching, exercise, and mental well-being. She uses acupuncture, herbal medicine and nutritional therapy, as well as various types of bodywork. She is committed to the idea that the treatment and recognition of the whole person is the point of departure for success with any condition. She is excited to grow with, and be a part of the community of the Grass Valley area and Sierra Mind Body Wellness.  


For more information or to book with Gabi, please visit

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Chanti Smith


Midwifery is one of the oldest professions. Traditionally, midwives didn’t only catch babies, they were community healers, shamans, spiritual counselors, and herbalists. It is in this ancient scope of practice that Chanti works, supporting parents, babies, individuals, and groups. 


Chanti began her journey into the healing arts in 1995 and is a midwife, advanced prenatal, birth and attachment therapy practitioner, somatic experiencing® practitioner; holistic pelvic care® practitioner; yoga teacher; massage therapist specializing in biodynamic craniosacral therapy, acupressure, zero balancing, jin shin jyutsu, and chi nei tsang; infant massage instructor; lactation specialist; ancestral lineage healing practitioner; frequency specific microcurrent practitioner;and western herbalist. 


Chanti is committed to supporting families from preconception through postpartum in preventing and healing from trauma, and making sense of deeply impactful fertility, pregnancy, birthing and postpartum experiences. Chanti also is passionate in supporting reproductive trauma healing (pregnancy loss, abortion, and reproductive health). 


Chanti is also committed to supporting birth workers and health care professionals who are wanting support around burnout and self-care, healing from vicarious trauma, or from their own early imprints. 


In the past few years Chanti’s work has naturally evolved into supporting parents in the early years of parenting, especially now that she is a mother. Chanti is a solo mom by choice to a terrifically spirited 5 year old boy and has experienced first hand the joys and challenges of parenting in today’s world.

Chanti supports families and individuals here in Grass Valley at Sierra Mind Body Wellness and globally via online sessions and offerings.

For more information or to book with Chanti please email or call

(510) 432-8181


Vivé Curran


Vivé has been devoted to studying and practicing massage therapy since 2003. Her specialties include Deep Bodywork, Hawaiian Lomi Lomi, Esalen, and Traditional Thai Massage. Vivé loves facilitating healing journeys, helping others find freedom within.

Inspired by the ocean, Vivé’s massage sessions weave together ancient wisdom, intuition, and bodywork, She creates a sacred heart centered space, welcoming in divine healing energy to support well being on all levels. Her flowing bodywork style encourages relaxation while also aiming to help relieve painful conditions. Vivé offers herbal Thai massage (practiced on the earth) and integrative bodywork (practiced on a massage table). She is happy to discuss your needs and create a unique healing session for you.


To learn more about Vivé's offerings please visit

For bookings, please text/call (530) 847-8445 or email

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Philips Patton

Acupuncture/Chinese Medicine

Philips Patton attended Stanford University as an undergraduate, and received his Masters in Traditional Chinese Medicine from Five Branches University (  He is also a certified Yoga Teacher.  He has decades of experience with meditation (training as a monk at Tassajara ( and Green Gulch Farm (, and with Qi Gong, an energy art with which he healed himself from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. His unique and gentle hands-on approach incorporates acupressure, acupuncture, energy work, and relaxation to facilitate deep healing.

The biggest passion in Philips’ life is his ongoing love affair with nature. Every chance he gets, he is out hiking in the woods and swimming in the rivers, exploring and deepening that most sacred connection. Nature is his primary teacher, and the Elements - embodied in the seasons, the cycles of the day, the cycles of our lifetimes, and even the organs of our bodies - are our guideposts towards health, balance, and understanding ourselves and right relationship with those around us.

In these crazy times it is more important than ever for each of us to come back into balance with the natural and innate wisdom that is already in our body….so that we can show up in life's stressful moments with presence, vitality and being centered. Chinese medicine offers an ancient and intuitive path to balance by following the rhythms of nature and listening to the elements within us. Through private sessions and his “Elemental Healing” classes, Philips would love to share this work with you.

For more information or to book with Philips, please visit


Lauren Montgomery


With over 15 years of experience working with people with different needs, Lauren has learned that her role as a healer is not to "do" something to change the body, or to impose her own ideas to teach people how to live their lives.


Lauren views her role as involved in deeply listening. When you really stop to listen to the body, so much can be heard. The subtle rhythms of breath, pulse, circulation of vital fluids, even the bones are very much alive and moving, breathing. She believes many therapists and healers miss valuable information, clues to healing, by imposing a sequence of moves, or a set protocol onto their clients. Lauren has found people to be very similar at a core level, but very different in their exterior nature, the patterns and experiences that have shaped them and made us who we are today. Every body has unique needs and patterns that deserve to be heard! You can really feel the difference, between someone who listens to what you have to say, and someone who is always planning their next words, their next response. The human body has its own intelligence, and can also sense when it is being listened to.


Lauren's diverse educational background has provided her with a whole spectrum of highly specialized techniques to draw from. She has studied locally and abroad with many well known and respected teachers of various healing modalities, such as Hugh Milne and David Kaminker, of the Milne Institute, Eric Rubin, DC of Northpoint Chiropractic, and Janice Gagnon of Spirit Winds School of Thai Massage, among others. She holds a huge gratitude to each of these master healers, for healing her, encouraging her, and for offering their time and energy, going above and beyond what she would expect from a teacher, inspiring in her a deep love for the healing work. Through one-on-one instruction, and allowing Lauren the privilege to assist and work with them in their personal practice, she has been given more than she could have ever imagined. What she has gained most from her unique educational background, however, is something much more subtle. The skills and technique provide a necessary framework, but the real work lies in one's ability to deeply listen to another living being. In being heard, we are given the voice to speak. This inner voice is the natural ease and grace with which we are all born.

For more information or to book with Lauren, please visit

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Sara Silver


Sara is an intuitive body worker who has been practicing bodywork for the last 15 years. Her busy city life changed when she found herself in a Cranio Sacral workshop at ESALEN. Sara gives an incredible full body massage and also specializes in the neck and shoulders area. Her massages range from a grounded deep tissue or Swedish massage to a more calm and relaxed inter-dimensional experience. She creates an individualized session and focuses on re-setting the nervous system to be calmed and healed in order to flow more fully and symmetrically. Sara’s style includes but is not limited to the modalities of Swedish, Deep Tissue, Cranio Sacral Therapy, Trigger Point and Myofascial Release.

Massage School and related training:
San Francisco School of Massage
Upledger Institute

For more information or to book with Sara please visit


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