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Book Study at Sierra Mind Body Therapies

It is not too late to attend or sign-up



By Kelly Turner, Ph.D.

Exploring the nine areas of life those experiencing a

cancer remission addressed. This book, the result of Dr.

Turner’s research into what these individuals actually did,

does not promise a cure but instead pathways for patients

willing to take their health into their own hands.

Starting October 24th, 2018 1:30-3:00pm Every Wednesday till January 23, 2019

Oct. 24, 2018: Introduction

Oct. 31, 2018: Radically Changing Your Diet

Nov. 7, 2018: Taking Control of Your Health

Nov. 28, 2018: Following Your Intuition

Dec. 5, 2018: Using Herbs and Supplements

Dec. 12, 2018: Releasing Suppressed Emotions

Jan. 9, 2019: Embracing Social Support

Jan. 16, 2019: Deepening Your Spiritual Connection

Jan. 23, 2019: Having Strong Reasons for Living

Facilitated by

Catherine Daniels-Landeros, MS, LMFT #46082

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